Friday, March 5, 2010

World Maths Day 2010 Event Final Results

1,133,246 students and 56,082 schools from 235 countries participated in the marathon event organized by the World Maths Day Team!

Our dearest students performed an amazing feat in the past 48 hours.

Class results:

Class 8 Team secured 11th position worldwide and 1st at India level with a lead of 36000 points ahead of the second team in India!

Class 5 Team secured 42nd position worldwide and 4th at India level.

Class 6 Team secured 50th position worldwide and 5th at India level.

Individual results:

Suraj Patel (Class 8) secured 59th position in the world and 5th in India.

Kishan Khanpara (Class 3) secured 96th position in the world and 5th in India

Congratulations to all the teachers and students and all those wonderful people who have spent their time and efforts in making this possible!

Great job guys!

(Detailed report will be posted shortly)

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Tarun Pandya said...

great stuff!!!! well done to the Math team and the supporting IT team.

And of course big cheers for our little masters who have made us proud:)