Sunday, March 21, 2010

The bad Boy: Please understand me.

For last five years I have been in the teaching profession and let me share my observation with you.
The creativity of a student starts on the last page and ends on the first page as he writes what he is inspired to on last page and he writes what he is compelled to on the initial pages.

I visited a school for a science exhibition, a unique place where I found a student explaining a concept to a teacher. Unique because this seldom happens and is rarely seen. A question arose in my mind, every teacher as a student must have studied the same concept in school but he or she forgotten it in time. The same is the predicament with the student.

A student doesn’t respect the one who teaches very well or one who is very qualified, but he respects one who treats him special.
In today’s society everyone is allowed to commit mistakes e.g.-doctor, engineer, etc. but a student has to pay a heavy price for it.
· This is what the weakest student in the class maybe thinking:
"As I am weakest in academics in my class,
I am always scared of writing because I always make spelling mistakes.
I am always afraid of speaking because I make grammatical mistakes.
I can’t get myself to ask questions in class as they are too simple and make others laugh.
I trace my teacher but he is away from me, engaged with someone who hardly needs him.
· My poor academic affected my co curricular activity.
I cannot participate in debate,
My poetry and thoughts are rubbish,
Last thing that could have bought color in my life i.e. arts, I feel has rejected me.
· People say God blesses everyone with something special that makes him worthy of respect.

Why does no one takes the pain to identify the gift in me and as I need to feel special too."

Just (NEED TO) pass.

Posting on behalf of dear Shailendra sir


Tarun Pandya said...

congratulations shailendra sir for writing the first blog. And what an eye opener it is for me as a teacher. I hope i do not fall into one of those teachers Categories :)

Unknown said...

Its all how the academics are run in most of the emerging economies.
Because they are competing against the world now, they want all to excel and any one who is left behind, is left way behind...!

Your blog proves - Teaching is not just limited to teach what (all) we know...!

Its indeed a good concept and I wish all can teach like Rancho (teaching how to teach but not what to teach)