Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gyanodaya 2009

Quizzes are interesting phenomena! The one who is ‘grilled’ enjoys being ‘grilled’ and at the same time gains knowledge and more importantly – confidence out of the process. Perhaps that’s one of the main reasons why quizzes have gained popularity, especially in the field of education.

One such entertaining, grilling, full of learning opportunities event was organised by the Science and Social Science departments at Atmiya Vidya Mandir. The event, held on the 5th of December 2009, was titled as ‘Gyanodaya 09’ – marking the ascent of knowledge.

The creative teachers had carefully chosen interesting and challenging questions related to both the subjects, with students being the ultimate beneficiary. The event was quite lively and there were many moments like those in the final overs of a 20-20 match! There were two divisions in the event – the Juniors (Std I to IV) and the Seniors (Std V to IX). For each division there were four teams selected with a student from each class of the division. The teams were named after inspiring people who made their mark in the history. Below are the enthusiasts that took part this time around:
Juniors Competition
Aryabhatta: Smit (I), Taarak (II), Nirav (III), Suraj (IV A), Sneh (IV B)
Galileo: Niel (I), Harshil G (II), Kashyap (III), Nimit (IV A), Het (IV B)
Neil Armstrong: Manav (I), Megh (II), Viraj (III), Smit (IV A), Dhanvin (IV B)
Rakesh Sharma: Niramay (I), Param (II), Smit (III), Yathansh (IV A), Pranesh (IV B)

Seniors Competition
Aryabhatta: Jay (V C), Prashant (VI B), Love (VII B), Sagar (VIII A), Parth (IX)
Galileo: Dhwanit (V A), Vaishvik (VI B), Deepak (VII B), Abhishek (VIII A), Purva (IX)
Neil Armstrong: Taran (V B), Sumit (VI A), Anmol (VII A), Vinay (VIII A), Ghanshyam (IX)
Rakesh Sharma: Nikunj (V B), Utkarsh (VI A), Nishit (VII A), Karma (VIII A), Aniruddh (IX)

The quiz had five rounds - General, Mixed Bag (that contained a plethora of questions), Clue, Visual and Rapid Fire.

The participants were full of passion – both for gaining knowledge and for setting higher benchmarks of winning. In the Juniors Competition, quite interestingly, the Aryabhatta and Galileo teams shared the winners’ position. In the Seniors Competition the Neil Armstrong team emerged as the winner while the Aryabhatta team had to be satisfied by the runner’s up position. It was a nail-biting finish in the Seniors’ as both the teams were tied till the last round - the Rapid Fire which proved to be the decider!

The show was impressively handled by the quiz masters, Mr Anand and Ms Samidh who by their humour and presence of mind held the audience captive throughout the event. This event also formally inaugurated the state-of-the-art Auditorium of the School.

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