Sunday, December 20, 2009

Art Mela 2009 - Helping the Child Discover Art

In order to unearth the potential in every student, Atmiya Vidya Mandir lays a great emphasis on out-of-class activities. Lots of opportunities are provided to the students through MAD (Music, Art and Dance) club, hobbies, and workshops. A three day workshop cum art fair was organized from 26th November to 28th November for the students of class I to class IX, where students were offered training in many artistic discipline:- art and design-drawing, painting and clay modeling. Students were encouraged to showcase their creations, demonstrating their skills.

Experts and artists from PIDILITE, (which is a well known company to build creativity through drawing and painting) were invited to hold a workshop. This three days workshop was coined around the concept of individual development in an atmosphere that is both pleasing and accepted by every child. Students were given hand on experience of mask making, modern art and clay molding which are organized to inspire and instill aesthetic sense.

The various activities like coloring, engraving, paper mache helped students build self esteem as they take pride in the works of art they create. These activities help to develop their problem solving skills, especially when faced with three dimension problems such as sculpting. Moreover, a fifteen days exclusive workshop on pottery making is being conducted for which a special artist is hired and a pottery machine is set up to train the students. Pottery making on the pottery machine help children to improve their sensory awareness and improve their manual dexterity.

Appreciating works of art is as important as encouraging the child to take up art. Regardless of whether a child is a budding artist, or merely likes to look at pictures, this kind of workshop help to get the creative juices flowing. Children, at different ages, are found to appreciate different aspects of art during this workshop.

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