Friday, November 13, 2009

Top ranking CBSE English paper created by an AVM Inspirer !

C.B.S.E. has started an online forum for teachers. On this forum they allow all the teachers around the world to submit their sample question paper. It is an open site and is intended for the benefit of both the students and teachers. It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for us that our dear Paras Sir had submitted his English sample paper of standard 9th few months ago on this forum. His paper has received a rating of 4 out of 5 and is on the TOP of the list with the highest number of hits 8082 i.e. so far 8082 people have downloaded his paper.

Congratulations Paras Sir for crossing this milestone from the entire AVM (Atmiya Vidya Mandir) team. We wish You Good Luck for all your future endeavors! Paras Sir is a great teacher and a guide, mentor and friend of the students at AVM. We pray to god to help you continue with your excellent work and to keep sharing your experience & expertise with all the teachers.

This is a great achievement for him and hence for the school; so, let us all congratulate him together!

To download Paras Sir's paper please click on the link below:

Those who are interested to submit their respective subject sample paper for the year 2010, please follow this link:

Submitted by: Pranesh Shah

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