Monday, October 13, 2014

Body and Kinaesthetic Intelligence Interhouse Competition 2014-15

Continuing with the theme of developing multiple intelligences in the students of various age groups, the Body and Kinaesthetic Intelligence Interhouse Competition 2014-15 was held on 11th October at Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

In an age where sedentary lifestyle is threatening to dominate the youngsters, enthusiasm amongst children for kinaesthetic activities was a welcome sight. The purpose of this competition was to motivate students to take up more of such activities so that it helps them to develop gross motor and fine motor skills.

The competition included wide ranging activities like balancing the body on one leg, throwing tennis balls into dustbin, shooting the targets. Each of the activities were carefully deliberated to make sure that it is beneficial to the students as well as exciting.

All the participants showed willingness to adapt to various activities very quickly. As the competition progressed further, the participants demonstrated an improvement in their kinaesthetic skills to the delight of the eager audience. All the participants did their best for their houses to remain relevant on the points table.

Even though there was only one house that won the competition but not before everyone involved had plenty of fun.

The final scorecard at the end of body/kinaesthetic competition:

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