Saturday, March 1, 2014

Responsibility & Accountability

“One cannot be casual today thinking that tomorrow will be bright!”

Responsibility is one of the most important aspects of human existence and personality. It is taking accountability for all our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is a characteristic that can make an individual successful in life.

Shivam House celebrated the basic, yet a very important value of life ‘Responsibility and Accountability’ in the first week of February. Throughout the week Shivam House made a humble effort to share with the students the real meaning of responsibility and accountability and how they are a valuable tool in achieving goals in student life and beyond.

Some of the aspects of Responsibility and Accountability shared with the students are as follows: When one becomes aware of his duty and knows what is expected of him, he becomes responsible for that duty.

1. When we were small we were taught by our parents to brush our teeth after waking up, then have bath and perform other daily chores in an appropriate sequence. Our parents made sure that over the years we did it sincerely and we understood the importance of performing our daily morning chores. Once we know that we have to do all this and in a particular sequence as taught, then it becomes our responsibility to follow our parent’s instructions.

2. At hostel, didis and house masters make students aware of folding their blankets, hanging the towel properly in the balcony, folding clothes, arranging cupboard, etc. then it becomes the responsibility of the student to follow his guardian’s instructions.

3. At school when students are taught various topics in class and given homework or asked to do the revision of the topic then it becomes their responsibility to follow their teacher’s instruction.

4. Different places around the world have their own customs, rules and regulations that they follow. When one goes to these places one must follow the rules and regulations that they follow. It becomes their responsibility to follow the native customs, traditions, rules and regulations.

Students were explained that as responsible members of Atmiya family it is their foremost responsibility to follow the basic principle of Atmiya Vidya Mandir i.e. ‘Atmiyata’ and be aware of the School Discipline policy.

Thus responsibility means doing what we are supposed to do and following rules and regulations.

Further, when one becomes responsible for any task, he starts keeping an account of it, meaning: he keeps an account of how many times he was successful in performing his duties and following rules, and how many times he failed and why? What can he do to overcome his failures? When one is able to account for all these questions based on the task assigned to him in a just manner without saying a lie and being honest is called accountability.

Responsibility and Accountability go hand in hand. The more one becomes responsible towards a task, the more one becomes accountable for it and the more one becomes accountable for the task the more one becomes responsible for it.

Moreover, it is believed that, the habits which are developed at the early age lasts longer. The most common problem which can make students irresponsible, is making excuses. Irresponsible people tend to shift the blame onto influential factors, and vocalize them as excuses. Students acknowledged that another way to accept responsibility is to stop putting the blame on everyone around. Blaming other people instead of one’s own self will not only make one spiteful, but it will make one powerless to change his life for the better.

Students were also informed about the different types of responsibility like personal, social, moral and family responsibilities. The points covered in the assembly were as follows:

1. Responsibility and Accountability means:
  • a. Following rules and taking care of your duties
  • b. Answering for their own actions, not giving excuses and not blaming others
  • c. Being trustworthy

2. Why become responsible and accountable?
  • a. They are core values for living honourably
  • b. They increase self-esteem and confidence
  • c. They increase trust between people
  • d. Makes us adorable

3. Responsible children should
  • a. Understand and accept consequences of their actions and try to correct their mistakes
  • b. Complete assignments and tasks
  • c. Clean up surroundings
  • d. Do the right things and apologize if wrong
  • e. Follow through without giving up
  • f. Understand the effect of their actions on others

Students got information about what is responsibility, why is being responsible important, what is expected from a responsible student, how to put responsibility into action in their day to day life through different quotes, presentations, stories, advertisements, real life incidents of great personalities, videos, etc.

The truth is that being responsible and accountable adds meaning to one’s life. It makes one independent, trustworthy, adorable, and successful and allows one to develop a positive influential character. No matter what you do, whether at home, school or work, being responsible and accountable are key traits.
Written by: Dipika Ma'am

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