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Practice Makes Perfect

Morning assembly is one of the most important parts of the daily schedule in a school student‘s life. Values build up character. Value-based assemblies help children learn values that are important to build character and live a peaceful life.

Thus, Satyam House conducted the assemblies for the week of Dec.16 to Dec.21, 2013 with the value Practice Makes Perfect. The underlying theme was that proper & repeated action results in perfection.

This value is very significant for the students as it can help to perform better in academics, excel in sports or master any art such as dance, music, drawing and painting, etc.

The following was witnessed in the assemblies during this week:

Thought For the Day:
This forms a very insightful feature of the morning assembly. What great people think about the value is conveyed to the children. Pleasant morning, fresh mind and peaceful atmosphere makes it an ideal time for them to spare room in their thought process for the value. One of the thoughts conveyed during the week was: “Chance favours the prepared mind.”

On Monday, the Primary Section kids were very privileged because the value was introduced by the Principal Dr. Vijay Patel through a ‘vaat’ from “Swami Ni Vaato” and an interesting story.

At the same time, in the senior assembly, Kshitij Sir introduced it through a scientific research conveying how special type of brain tissue called Myelin, plays a key role in helping us to gain mastery over the skill and how regular practice rewires our brain. The assembly continued with a discussion of examples of two great personalities, Ludwig van Beethoven [the great music composer and pianist] and Karoly [handicapped pistol shooter who won gold medals in two successive Olympic Games].

AVM Young Talent Show: [under the guidance of Sharmil Ma’am]
Three students of AVM with outstanding performance in different fields were interviewed by the Show Host, Naman Banka of Std 7.

Young Talents:
  • Amit Chaudhary (Std 9) in Running
  • Niramay Tanna (Std 10) in Mathematics
  • Love Patel (Std 11 Commerce) in IT
All of them were clear-sighted that daily practice without fail, blended with God’s company and blessings helped them a lot in pursuit of excellence and still their journey is on. The SHOW helped students know the significance of practice in their day to day life.

The Music Maestro:
Jaimin Sir, the school’s tabla guru, shared his experience throughout his journey towards mastering the art of playing tabla. He highlighted that the painful struggle and the thrill of the journey led to happiness after each step forward from what he was in the beginning, only because of PRACTICE.

A live performance by him filled the environment with some beautiful rhythms that shall stay in the children’s minds inspiring them.

Hindi Assembly:
Paying respect to our National Language, assemblies are also often conducted in Hindi. Pushpak Sir conveyed the importance of ‘Practice’ through a self-composed poem:

सौ-सौ बार में एक ही कोशिश, कभी किसी ने की होगी,
तब जा के एक बार में उसने, दो-दो दक्षता हासिल की होगी।
पहले भी किसी ने ऐसे ही, अभ्यास की कही कहानी होगी,
आगे यहाँ से आपको भी, ये पद्धति पे पद्धति चलानी होगी।।

Practice polishes the inborn talent of a person. Arjun and Eklavya, who acquired perfection through their tireless practice in archery, are not unfamiliar to us.

Young or old, everyone enjoys exploring information through audio-visual presentations and they also leave a prominent effect on our minds. Inspiring videos related to the fields of music, art, sports, academics, adventures, etc. were shown which left the spectators spellbound. Glimpses of the movie Bhag Milkha Bhag; a girl practising for the World Math Day and other sports were selected by Rekha Ma’am for discussion in the Gujarati Assembly.

Activity in the Junior Assembly:
An activity was conducted to show comparison between two groups of students, the one who practices certain skills on everyday basis and the one who never practices. It was concluded that the group of students who practise daily performed better than those who never did so, even for the actions which seem very simple.

Its effect?
It was a pleasant surprise to find that the tiny tots of grade I and II had brought the value into practice.

Grade IV students of handwriting class noticed improvement in their hand writing when they compared it with their writing on the first day of the class.

Annual Athlete Meet: Inspired by the value, some of the participants put efforts at their level best on practising for various events to win medals for their respective houses.

With such inspiring examples that followed this week of value-based assemblies, Satyam House was eager and ready for the next.

Written by: Sunita Ma’am

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