Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jaljilani Ekadashi Utsav - 2012

Atmiya Vidya Mandir celebrated the spiritual festival of Jaljilani Ekadashi on 26th September, 2012. The celebration was in order to appreciate and acknowledge the blessings of God which makes the basis of our very survival. The swimming pool filled with fresh new water was made ready to rejoice the festival.

The festival was initiated with Har Vidhi. Garland was offered to Thakorji and the saints Pujya Prabodh Swamiji and Pujya Suhrad Swamiji were presented with bouquets. Students and staff members were blessed with the opportunity to take Thakorji on Nauka Vihar.

Aarti and Updesh ornamented the program. The Aarti was performed whole heartedly by all the students and staff members. P. Arjun Mama explained the importance of the day, emergence of the festival and the scriptural meaning of celebration. Under the resilient positive influence of spiritual environment, students not only enjoyed the experience but also learnt to escalate love and devotion towards God.

During Nauka Vihar, the boat was decorated and designed with the symbolic Swan, praying for the ultimate happiness of life “Atmiyata”. Thakorji was then taken on Vihar by the students in turn with their respective groups. Festival also encouraged students to participate together with unity and uniformity, which was prominently seen during Nauka Vihar.

Concluding the celebration, Prasad was offered to all the enthusiasts. Having an utmost importance in the Hindu philosophy, Prasad, is also a tool to remember the lessons of life with the sweet memories. Hence, children learnt the life-skills and gained the memories to be cherished forever.

Throughout the celebration, students were actively involved in the process. Quest to know more and eager to learn new happenings at school was prominently seen on the faces of students. Active involvement by every member made this carnival one of the pleasant memories of life.

Written by: Chirag Sir

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Unknown said...

Jaljilani Ekadashi, The Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha, Bhadrapada is also called as Padma Ekadashi.

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