Friday, August 31, 2012

Pratham Prabhu Pachhi Paglu

As per the tradition of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, each house i.e. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram and Suhradam, gets a value for a week and on that value they have to share their thoughts in the daily assembly from Monday to Friday. On Saturday the house members have to creatively present the value assigned to them through a skit, song, dance, etc.

Suhradam house had got the value of 'Learning through Life of Lord Krishna'. On the 18th of August 2012 they performed on the topic 'Pratham Prabhu Pachhi Paglu'. The program commenced at 7:30 am in the prayer hall. The assembly started with a prayer and after that Shrimadbhai of 4th standard gave an overview of the creative assembly and welcomed all the students and staff. The drama started with the conversation between two students Shrimad and Darshit. In the drama Shrimad is portrayed as a brilliant student and Darshit always has challenges in his studies. So Darshit asks his friend the secret of his success to which Shrimad replies 'Pratham Prabhu Pachhi Paglu' and then explains that we should remember God before and after all our work. Darshit did not understand and therefore Shrimad explains him this through the life of Lord Krishna in Mahabharat.

In the Mahabharat, there was a war between Pandavs and the Kauravs. During this war within just 17 days, 99 Kauravs were killed and only Duryodhan was alive. Gandhari the mother of Kauravs came to know about the death of his sons and got worried about the future of Duryodhan. Gandhari had invested a divine power in her eyes by keeping them blind folded for years. Duryodhan came to his mother to seek blessings for the final battle. But Gandhari decided that it would be more fruitful if she transfered her power on to him. Duryodhan was instructed to go and take bath in river Ganga and return completely undressed. He agreed with resignation and on his way back he met Lord Krishna surreptitiously and Krishna got baffled by the appearance. Duryodhan gave justification of his act. Krishna said it would not be a good thing to do so. So, Lord Krishna suggests Duryodhan to at least cover the private parts of his body by leaves of a tree. He then goes to his mother wearing the leaves and her mother opens her blind fold and instantly all the power gets transferred to Duryodhan. Duryodhan's entire body becomes as strong as an iron except for the parts where he is wearing the leaves. Gandhari becomes extremely sad as Duryodhan did not completely followed her order.

Overtaken by his narcissism he left her without much discussion. Duryodhan goes to the Pandavs and challenges each of them to a duel. Bheem accepts his challenge. In the first few minutes itself Bheem gets exhausted but Duryodhan is as solid as a rock. Then Lord Krishna cleverly implicates Bheem about his weak spot. Bheem strikes his mace on the thighs of Duryodhan which was left weak by the shrewdness of Lord Krishna. Bheem kept hitting the thighs of Duryodhan which led to his death. The drama made it very clear to the students that we are so limited in our foresight but God is unlimited.

Then the protagonist of the drama, Shrimad, explained to Darshit the benevolent nature of God. He explained that Lord incarnates Himself whenever His devotees need Him and He has already taken several incarnations in this planet earth. This was depicted by a dance performance choreographed by Suhradam Sir showing the 'Dashavatars' of Lord Vishnu. After the dance Darshit understood the importance of prayer and started praying.

In a nutshell it was understood by all the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir that we need to use the Sandwich technique daily i.e. Prayer - Hard work - Prayer. The assembly was then concluded by the school song.

The main characters of the play were:
  • Vinamra (7th Std) as Shrimad
  • Daksh (7th Std) as Darshit
  • Parth Amipara (10th Std) as Duryodhan
  • Vaishali Madam as Mata Gandhari
  • Neel Virani (10th Std) as Lord Krishna
  • Harsh Vaghela (10th Std) as Bheem.
Written By: Denish Jalawadiya, Manav Patel, and Deval Patel - Class 12th Science

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