Sunday, February 5, 2012

Achman from the life of P.P.Yogiji Maharaj

Satyam House was honoured to get an opportunity to delve into and extol the life and messages of Brahmaswaroop Param Pujya Yogiji Maharaj, a God-realised saint who inspired and transformed thousands of people, regardless of their age or background, into wiser and happier beings by His unconditional love. It has been rightly said about Him that He was “a divine soul ripened with love.”

Throughout the week (23rd Jan - 28th Jan), the prayer-hall stage adorned the divine virtues and maxims as given by this great saint and it also included some of His portraits in various postures and moods. In the morning assembly, videos of inspiring incidences, presentations and speeches about His life were shown. Under the able guidance of their teachers, the Satyam House students shared the brief life sketch of Yogiji Maharaj through thoughts, stories, speeches and role plays. In addition to that, different prayers and bhajans (devotional songs) dedicated to Him were sung by the choir group of Satyam House.

The school’s soft boards were decorated with thirty episodes from His life that depicted His righteous personality and attracted the children in masses.

To give a finishing touch to the week’s celebration, Satyam House humbly tried to present a dance-drama ‘Yogidarshan’ based on the inspiring incidents highlighting three divine virtues of Yogiji Maharaj. Such is the divine inspiration of Yogi bapa, that the students enacting His virtues, utmost obedience for his Guru, to remain positive in any situation and give selfless love, were deeply immersed in the character. The enactment was so lucid that it left the audience completely mesmerized. As the drama ended, many were in tears and resolved to be obedient. That was the real reward for Satyam House. It was only possible because of the united and unquestionable efforts of the students and the teachers.

The experience was akin to receiving an Achman - intake of holy water, for the purification of our being, from the vast multitudes of the life and blessings of this great saint, Brahmaswaroop Param Pujya Yogiji Maharaj.

Written by: Saumya Madam

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Seema Joshi said...

……..stirring performance of Satyam House students, heart touching script and amazing coordination… it was a phenomenal creative assembly by Satyam House members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!