Monday, December 12, 2011

All About Making Right Choices: Sundaram House

Dictionary defines human senses as physiological capacities of organisms that provide inputs for perception by which the body receive and feel the faculties of hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste’ but students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir know a broader meaning of cognitive senses, a broader and better understanding about how positive perception through these senses play a foreseeable role in accelerating their pace towards their goal.

In the third week of November, Sundaram House, was given the task to explore and inform about positive attitude, right choice and judicious use of five senses , the ultimate inspirational source was our holy scripture Vachnamrut (Part1:Ch.16 & 18)

During the daily assembly many hidden benefits of positive attitude and right choice have been uncovered by the members of Sundaram House. On Monday, Mahapuja was organized to celebrate Consecration ceremony of the temple. Entire AVM Family gathered in the temple to witness the rituals, the students of Std 12th performed the puja as Saints chanted the appropriate Vedic hymns and verses. The chanting and prayers reverberated around the dome, charging the atmosphere with divinity. On Tuesday after a brief introduction about the Value of the week: Vachnamrut Part 1 Ch 16 & 18, Saumya Mam explained the students about the innumerable advantages of positive attitude. On Wednesday, Priyavadan Sir explained these values with historical examples and he also counted the benefits of living a religious and righteous life. Thursday morning, it was astounding experiment performed and explained by Purvesh Sir and Priyavadan Sir on how does bad influence diminish our potential and how much positive input do we need to refine the polluted mind and soul. On Friday, Tanmay Patel and Vishwajeet of IX A explained the power of positive attitude through a power point presentation.

The Creative assembly of Sundaram House on Saturday was a phenomenal presentation of the Vachnamrut: P16 & P18 as the core value to lead an ever happy and ever successful life. The presenters of the show Anand K and Shubham B explained a multi-dimensional view point about Vachnamrut P16 & P18. They acknowledged the students about various scientific experiments done to prove the power of positive words and their great impact. A big screen was erected as the backdrop which supported their explanations through visuals. They very well explained the spiritual, scientific and moral perspectives of these values (P16 & P18) to the students.

A big model was placed on the other side of the stage; this model was a big wheel with three important circles in it. The inner most circle represented the core value as Vachnamrut P16 & P18 whereas the outer circle showed the various factors creating an environment needed to practice and imbibe these values and the outermost circle of this wheel revealed the positive outcome of living with these values. As a part of the presentation about having faith in the divine words of a saint, a small skit was presented by the students of Std X and XI. The students, teachers, house masters and Didis had witnessed unadulterated fun and learning. The vivacious presentation by Anand and Shubham of XI Comm. had bowled them over. A palpable feeling of contentment and elation gripped them as they witness this assembly. Thus, this Creative assembly was concluded with a dance and a small prayer by the students of Std IV to VI onto to the lotus feet of Swami Shree asking for the strength to remain ever positive with all our senses.

As a follow up , what they were explained to do was to keep faith and positivity while leaping over the hurdles in front of them like distractions, fear, doubt, hurts, and sin—creating a shield for the senses and not giving up when they felt overwhelmed, stressed, or exhausted. In this manner, Sundaram House made sincere efforts to elucidate P16 & P18 so that students can develop immunity against all negative influences.

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