Monday, November 28, 2011

We Are For Children.. (’s Day)

Naive and curious, motivated to learn

Heaven sent, God's little miracles!………the children of Atmiya Vidya Mandir!!!!!!!!

Childhood means Fun unlimited… Bounteous shower… of love and care… Realm of imagination… Joy of growing up… Children’s Day! ` There are only two lasting gift we should give to our children, One is roots and second is wings… Atmiya Vidya Mandir makes all these moments of innocent wonders of enjoying as if there is no other life beyond this joy of being children. Celebrating such a valuable childhood, on Children’s Day (14th November)AVM teachers have taken to a new job - that of swirling, dancing and replicating their actions to express their feelings and check listing the many activities they can perform to entertain their students. Sounds like a birth of a new circus? Well, this sure seems to be the beginning.

The Children’s Day celebration event started with lighting of the lamp and pujan of Thakorji by little wonders of Std 1st in New Prayer Hall during morning assembly. The male teachers performed dances and skits to the obvious delight of their students, who clapped, danced, sang, cheered, and squealed with excitement. A couple of little boys even waved their hands while they found their favourite teachers performing on the stage for them.

This UV act of male teachers was one of the most magical acts, weaving its spell through a multitude of props and visual tricks. Fun centric, this act could convey almost anything in the most unique and entertaining ways with a comic twist. The skit had the entire audience rolling with laughter. ………..donned as Writer, producer, Director, Singer, Composer with the names Chappu Chingari and Pappu Pichkari and what not……….. Laughter of children echoed through the ceiling of the Prayer Hall.

The emcees of the event Prajval Sir and Tarun Sir carried the show through creating the right spirit and atmosphere for a ceremony that would be etched in the memory of the students for a long time to come. They had been a part of the show throughout, be it their alluring announcements or their witty comments on the performers, they were the ones who kept the children with a dent of eagerness.

Next the female teachers took the stage by storm with dancing on a very touching and appealing song ‘Hum hai rahi pyar ke…’. This dance performance was a pleasurable package of enthusiasm, with an emotional sprint and enjoyment for the students.

It was such a lovely event for the children. Seeing all their teachers up there on the stage, dressed in costumes and performing silly dance routines, it’s just such a nice gesture: one day of the year where the teachers put on a show they’ve obviously worked hard at, for the entertainment of their pupils.

Treating each child as a unique twinkle of the future horizon, on children’s day their entry in the classroom was not just the part of routine; the teachers made them feel so special by offering them the pujan, with shower of flower and chocolate as token of love as they entered into the class.

The evening was no less entertaining as a fanfare was organized for the children. Variety of mouthwatering dishes with irresistible aroma made a perfect closure of the celebration. Though it is an inevitable and implicit fact that children of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are the soul and heart of the school, yet such celebrations are to experience that it’s their school, with their teachers, their happiness and above all each day is their day!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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