Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Sport That Matters

Unlike cricket which is mostly patronized by commonwealth nations that have remained colonies of the British, football is a more global game patronized the world over. It is just that football seems to be catching up with AVM students being the most recreating game. The Inter House Football Competition was the recent sport activity in Atmiya Vidya Mandir.

Students were zooming over the football ground during sports time entire week to witness the thrill of the game. In the sub-junior section Sundaram and Suhradam House were on a close shave whereas junior section made the tempo rising between Shivam House vs. Sundaram House.

The various rounds of finals and semi-finals facilitated the students to enjoy and know more about the game. Football had been creating more and more craze across the school with players and cheering house members drooling over the game more than ever before. The best part of this competition was the competitive spirit which kept the students best on their physical fitness and swiftness. Moreover, the vigorous training by the sports teachers for their deft touch, dribbling skills and tremendous goal scoring ability, had seen them notch up more than half a dozen goals.

The great FIFA has created hype and hoopla in full swing over the game. Near around 50 students from different classes at various levels participated to represent their house and play with a competitive fervour. The football seems to be getting high on every one's nerves, from students to teachers; everyone enjoyed the thrill in this game which proved to be refreshing enough to balance the strenuous study tasks for the students. It was Suhradam House that once again remained the winning team after their victory over Sundaram with a lead of 2 points.

Thus, the AVM students are busy chasing their interests through creative assemblies, soft board information and display or else sports competition!

Obviously Pele (1940) is not the most original choice as greatest ever football player, but there is no denying his pedigree.

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