Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Exam hues and wholesome Holi at AVM

Attention !!! Those who feel that exam fever has completely taken over fun and that the festive spirit is missing among the student fraternity, here's a reality check. Holi was celebrated in Atmiya Vidya Mandir with great zest and verve. With promising loads of entertainment, the AVM family was all set to make a splash in the riot of colours coupled with guffaws and giggles with a pinch of 'unbarred fun' this Holi. Enhancing splendor of living with a zing of Indian Culture and traditions, a time to spread joy, color and love into the lives of our dear students.

A classic embodiment of renewal in nature, the spring festival of Holi came as welcome respite from the searing heat this weekend. Whether the students savored casual elegance or organized chaos with versatility, a HARMONY of colors and style was sure to daub all Atmiyans.

The holy fire

A holy bonfire for Holi was lit and rituals of traditional Holika Dahan were performed .To offer prayers and witness this ceremonial bonfire, all elders, teachers, house masters, Didis and others members of Atmiya Vidya Mandir were gathered behind the Swimming pool site. A small cultural programme was arranged to mark the grandeur of the festival. Shekhar Sir, Ramakar Sir and the team of sports teachers had arranged some games for the students. A noteworthy combination of Bhagatji Maharaj’s birthday on the same day added much piety to this celebration. Bharat Sir explained the students, the cultural and traditional significance of this day. More than this, there was a huge wall of colours, which was specially set up for the teachers to get amused by sprinkling colours on it to mark symbolic holi.

After the pujan of Thakorji, the holy fire was lit and everybody’s face was lighten up, much with enthusiasm than the orange flames of bonfire. Following the Hindu tradition, students walked around the holy fire to get rid of all vices of body, mind and soul through the heat of the holy flames and they rejuvenated themselves.

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Dipped in hues of love

With a fun-cum-festive environment paramounting, the invigorating Holi created the perfect flavour of fits of fun. The air laden with colour, joyous shouts of students, house masters and teachers and herbal colours added much charm.

Lending spatter and splash of gulal on the solemnity of strenuous study schedule of exams, the faces of young students painted in red, orange, yellow colours, teachers and house masters were running here and there being chased by delighted students with colours, some of them were trying for cover to save themselves from getting drenched while some of them targeting their friends with colour-filled balloons, this was the expression of colourful extravaganza. Hardly was there any one, who was spared of having been plunged into the mud-water-pool, specially created for this FUN UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!

Students were also informed about the legends of these festivals and they also realized the other fact that they should not use the colours containing harmful chemicals to smear on their near and dear ones. Thanks to Shekhar Sir and his team members to increase awareness, however, the mud-water puddle and the handy water hose doubled the fun.

The fact remains with this reality check that this Holi lent different heights to the student-teacher relationship and the celebrations had more to do with colours of joy. The devotion and gaiety marked the festival though the approaching final exam grilled the fun.

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