Monday, December 20, 2010

AAM 2010 - Day 3 - Runners made giant stride or they threw the fatigue away!!!

For a sports fan of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, it is truly blissful to be a part of the 7th Annual Athletic Meet 2010. Though, everybody experienced all-consuming passion not to miss the variety of action on display, it was difficult to enjoy and focus on any one event. What a feast on offer!

It was the third day of the sports bonanza. It started with prayers and pujan of Thakorji. Saturday morning, the deceptively pleasant early morning breeze gave way to the scorching heat. Soon the escorting group Harsh Ambaliya, Piyush Sarda, Harsh Vaghela, Himanshu Patel, Love Patel, Vishvajit Solanki, Abhishek Ariwala and Abhishek D Patel assisted the chief guest to the dais. The Chief Guest of the day was Retired Lieutenant  Gajendrakumar Srivastav who has served the Indian Defense Forces (Army and Navy) for more than two decades and also is the grandson of the first President of India - Shri Rajendraprasad! His speech was highly inspiring for all present and students made the most of this opportunity to interact with him.

As the day wore on, the enthusiasm of the spectators on the other side of the field could clearly be seen. The groups of young sports enthusiasts and teachers clapped and danced for the winners and participants, the tiny tots of I, II and III hopped and tapped zestfully to the music much like shaking spectators out of their seeming stupor.

All the students along with teachers and hostel staff were bellowing and hooting at the various areas of the huge ground witnessing the participants tossed between losing and winning. The excitement was at its peak, as the shuttle race for juniors started. "Ready? Go!" the participant runs to the other line, picks up a block and returns to place it behind the starting line, then returns to pick up the second block, then runs with it back across the line. It was a test of aerobic endurance performed by juniors moving back and forth swiftly.

The other area of the ground was much lively with Ball throw event as the students were employing their glide technique used to generate the efficient and powerful movement where the thrower moves across the throwing circle quickly to develop speed, and with one fluid motion throws the shot, twisting the body at the point of the delivery which usually determines success. Wow! Amazing training given to them by sports teachers! Congrats to Shekhar Sir, Pradeep Sir, Ritesh Sir, Ramakar Sir and all the sports teachers.

Along with the running and jumping events, throwing events complete the Track & Field trifecta. The throwing events were the discus throw, shot put and ball throws. As with many athletic events, the limelight were shot putters and other field competitors toiling in anonymity to win the competitions. It is noteworthy that in this strength event, unlike other competitions, physical fitness and mental force are key ingredients for success and Atmiya Vidya Mandir students displayed their physical and mental coordination very well throughout these events. Besides quickness & power, character traits such as punctuality, teamwork, coach-ability and aggressiveness are inculcated. At the high school level, an average athlete with these qualities can still achieve a relatively high standard of success and this is what the Atmiyan Athletes know!!!

Shouts of encouragement, moans and groans were heard across the length and breadth of the field. The non-participants, teachers, house-masters, didis and everybody present looked with much astonishment coupled with excitement as the athletes of different groups showed a spell of agility, speed and explosiveness. The participants seemed to be indefatigable in their efforts at securing points for their house. In a manner truly commendable, the onlookers kept the fun and frolic go on along with participants.

The winners’ list for day 2 is as follows.

But the last day..... last moment excitement is still to come…Who will be the best athlete?????? Which house will be at the top??????

Hold on!!!!!!!! 

Written by: Seema Madam

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