Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Human Pyramid & MatkiPhod: Load of fun on small shoulders

Much like an epicentre of the bursting zeal seemed to be the administrative building ground of Atmiya Vidya Mandir which was decked up with cheering gathering and dancing kids who were bubbling with an unsynchronized randomness that was positively fun filled.

It was Janmashtami celebration and here were mischievous Bal-Gopals of Atmiya Vidya Mandir, energized by some power unseen, all acting in clique, but somehow connected to each other in a giant plan. A large swathe of area around administrative building ground was bustling with joy and fervour, celebrating Janmashtami -- the birthday of Lord Krishna - who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The day began with the morning assembly by Suhradam House, showcasing a short video on birth and childhood of Lord Krishna and a brief speech delivered by Nishit Banka of VIII explaining the importance and sanctity of the festival.

The DahiHandi or an earthen pot filled with curd, honey and sweet was positioned at three different level of convenient height for different group of students. The Dahi-Handi was suspended with a rope tied at seemingly approachable height. A surge of sheer energy and balance, A tide of students was to form human pyramids. Sprightly chaps trying hard to make a human pyramid at Admin field to reach the DahiHandi, they were rising and tumbling down again and again, braving the showers of water splashed at them from the top. It was overwhelming to see that they were attentively cushioned and held by the teachers and house masters guarding around.

The topmost student on this human pyramid was to break the Handi by hitting it with a coconut placed on the pot, and when that happened, the buttermilk was spilled over the entire group, symbolizing their achievement through unity.

The participants in human pyramid in the DahiHandi were from V to XI std. Other students kept cheering and encouraging which motivated the performers to keep going. Apart from the students, who struggled to build the pyramid for breaking the Handi, the little Aman D Patel from std I was the show stealer who sat on the top of the portable structure dressing up to replicate the Lord Krishna. Saints from Haridham, teachers, housemasters and didis were present to witness the programme and cheer the Gopalas. When the Matki was finally broken by the senior group, a resounding cheer came from the crowd, thus bringing a fitting climax to the celebration.

Keeping the Indian custom alive, Atmiya Vidya Mandir celebrates all the festivals with zest and zeal. Our aim is to make children appreciate the rich culture of our nation which has a number of festivals, castes and religions. Celebration of festivals in such a manner infuses values and virtues pertaining to our long tradition among the future citizens of the country.

The entire school was actively involved in the event, contributing their share in some way or the other. The young kids who formed the human pyramid had practiced a lot a fortnight prior to the actual demonstration. Teachers and staff members guided the little Gopalas to execute the final show.

So for all the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir who would be reaching greater heights and achieve together; here are some wishes -
  • May they hold up the human pyramid with fine balance of Atmiyata and Suhradbhav!
  • May they ever offer their shoulders to their brothers to achieve a great height of success!
  • May they taste the sweet buttermilk of success!
May the Lord Krishna bless all!!!

Written by: Seema Madam

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