Saturday, August 7, 2010

Suhradam House: Where Diversity is a Celebration

Every child is gifted with an unique talent to usher this reality, House wise creative assemblies are supposed to be the platform to unearth this valuable treasure and polish it to its sparkling genius. Following the same, Suhradam house members satiated creative urge of the students by supporting them to enhance the innate potential lying dormant in them.

With an unfurled banner on the background with the house slogan- “Where Diversity is a celebration” and the corresponding emblem was conspicuously showcasing the philosophy of the school.
On the first day of the Suhradam house assembly, Mishal from std 9B left no corner of the prayer hall unheard with his fascinating voice and impressive style when he took the stage to announce the proceedings of the assembly. Ashish Pandey from std 11th chanted the mantras and led the assembly for prayer. Krishna Patel from std 9th B shared his thought and Kishan from std 6th read the news headlines. The prayer hall resonated with claps and cheers as Pushpak Sir recited his composition on a thoughtful subject ‘It is a nature of thoughts that finds its way into action.’

The next day was very special as Suhradam house induced a sense of devotion in all by placing a special cradle for Thakorji on the dais celebrating Hindola Utsav, Students and Teachers were invited to pull the string of the cradle to and fro to offer Bhakti to the Lord. Shaivin of std 10th, in his speech, elucidated the significance of Hindola Day in Hindu Culture.

The following day was no less captivating as Parth A from 8th took over the stage maintaining the decorum of the prayer hall through his sober voice. Diven of 6th shared his thought while Sagar Patel of 7th A updated the audience with news headlines. Students were spellbound when Samidh Mam came on the stage to give a profound insight on ‘Learning can happen anytime, anywhere.’

Friday was equally attention-grabbing. Suhradam house members seem to be on the go as the momentous day was approaching. Lalit from std 8th B headed the proceedings on the stage as he anchored the programme. Pratipal from std 8th B chanted the Mantras and led the choir for the prayer whereas Vaibhav of std 9th B delivered thought of the day. Akash of std 8th A read the news headlines and shared funny facts with the students. Nishit Banka of std 8th A shared his thought on importance of keeping a promise and following Guru’s directives.

Finally the C-Day (C-for creative assembly and celebration) had arrived. The Suhradam house members were dealing with surging passion and zeal proactively in the guidance of the teachers of Suhradam House.
The theme was Atmiyata and motive was one for all and all for one. Suhradam house had very well revealed the radiance of Atmiya Bhulkus throughout the week and this day unbolt the doors of everybody’s heart when Sawaising of 9th A ignited the fire as he started the C-Day assembly proceedings of Suhradam house.

Ghanshyam Dabhi from10th delivered a speech presenting a reflective insight on the value Atmiyata. He explained that Atmiyata is an act of joint effort of many people in the same direction for the same destination with a common motive.

Then the cultural bonanza grabbed the interest of the audience as the Drama and dance were performed. The student looked splendid in their ethnic dresses. Interestingly, all students of Suhradam house from I to V participated in the drama called Atmiya Jungle. It was a real treat to the eyes as well as to the intellect to observe the stirring performance those tiny-tots attired as vegetables, animals, flowers and trees displaying a perfect replica of fancied Atmiya Jungle. The Atmiya Ras was altogether a mesmerizing presentation.Thus the exuberant celebration concluded with a revealing cultural potpourri. In this manner, the trumpet of creativity and Atmiyata was blown and rhythm was so captivating that it brought the Atmiyans (students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir) together in a spirit of passionate competition and mutual respect.

Through the soft board displays Suhradam House presented significance of scriptures. With an extreme elegance and unsurpassable appeal, it exhibited the messages, virtues as well as value of Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana, Manu-smriti moreover Vachnamrut, Swami ni Vato and Shiksha-Patri. Thus Suhradam House flipped the Amrut pot to let everybody decipher the message of these Scriptures. Thus Suhradam house initiated a move to make Atmiya students vanquishers and sagacious not only intellectually but culturally.

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