Monday, June 21, 2010

Felicitation programme

In this edgy competitive scenario where perform or perish is the punch line, students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir and Sarvanaman Vidya Mandir are on the crest of the wave with their stupendous performance in the board exams. To celebrate the success, the inauguration ceremony was followed by felicitation programme held by Yogi Divine Society for the students who secured outstanding grades in board exams for class X. Though all the students of this very first batch passed the board exam with flying colors but among them Sarthak Jariwala was awarded a trophy for his glittering success of getting 10.0 CGPA, moreover Mantavya Patel held the next trophy for scoring 9.8 CGPA, adding to this Kishan Viradia and Sahaj Patel were also awarded for scoring 9.6 CGPA. Thus the programme was concluded with an encouraging speech by respected Fuaji.

Written by: Seema Madam

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Manish said...

Congratulations to all achievers. This has been possible only due to the efforts of all the Teachers, would like to share a short story dedicating to all the Teachers.

Spilt Milk

This is a story about a famous research scientist who had made several very important medical breakthroughs. He was being interviewed by a newspaper reporter who asked him why he thought he was able to be so much more creative than the average person. What set him so far apart from others?

He responded that, in his opinion, it all came from an experience with his mother that occurred when he was about two years old. He had been trying to remove a bottle of milk from the refrigerator when he lost his grip on the slippery bottle and it fell, spilling its contents all over the kitchen floor—a veritable sea of milk!

When his mother came into the kitchen, instead of yelling at him, giving him a lecture, or punishing him, she said, "Robert, what a great and wonderful mess you have made! I have rarely seen such a huge puddle of milk. Well, the damage has already been done. Would you like to get down and play in the milk for a few minutes before we clean it up?"

Indeed, he did. After a few minutes, his mother said, "You know, Robert, whenever you make a mess like this, eventually you have to clean it up and restore everything to its proper order. So, how would you like to do that? We could use a sponge, a towel, or a mop. Which do you prefer?" He chose the sponge and together they cleaned up the spilled milk.

His mother then said, "You know, what we have here is a failed experiment in how to effectively carry a big milk bottle with two tiny hands. Let's go out in the back yard and fill the bottle with water and see if you can discover a way to carry it without dropping it." The little boy learned that if he grasped the bottle at the top near the lip with both hands, he could carry it without dropping it. What a wonderful lesson!

This renowned scientist then remarked that it was at that moment that he knew he didn't need to be afraid to make mistakes. Instead, he learned that mistakes were just opportunities for learning something new, which is, after all, what scientific experiments are all about. Even if the experiment "doesn't work," we usually learn something valuable from it.