Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unique Way of Understanding ‘Atmiyata’

The destiny of a nation depends on the character of people, however, character is not merely the awareness of some values but also both, the desire and capacity to uphold them in practice. We live in a time of transition where we are experiencing a rapid global change. At the same time, we all are also hoping for peaceful and prosperous global community. The entire world certainly needs one value more desperately than any other - ‘Atmiyata’.

Our school functions on the basic principal of Atmiyata given by His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji. The life line for success in any endeavour – personal, professional or spiritual is atmiyata.

“Atmiyata” means United Flow of Many Hearts Towards one Goal. This single word adds tremendous significance to the various skills, expertise and values of any individual and builds a successful organisation.

In the first week of November, Satyam House tried to project the aspect of Atmiyata. On the last day before Diwali vacation, the school provided an opportunity to understand and practice Atmiyata in the form of synergy by introducing interesting group activities. Through these activities teachers tried to imbibe the virtues and skills like – team spirit, control and coordination, listening, concentration etc.

All the faculties including sports and music teachers facilitated the students to draw pleasure and fun. Along with students, the teachers also participated in skilful and fun oriented activities.

At the end, everyone realised that working, playing and sharing together help us to form a divine harmony with self and with others.

Written by: Kshitij Sir

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