Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Smart Bano... Effective Bano..... Pratham 18 Jeevan Bano By Sundaram House

O Lord!...Make my mind pure to realise you...Make my soul one with you....

Nurtured with a sense of gratitude towards God and urge to keep a fine balance of intellectual and spiritual faculties, students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are striving to live up to this status and Sundaram House members assured that this is not an imaginary situation because Vachnamrut Pratham 18 shows us the way to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Sundaram House members very well elucidated the teachings of this universally applicable powerful discourse which describes the ways to safeguard our senses to attain this state.

The Sundaram House students, through the daily assemblies made a humble effort to give an insight into how to make judicious use of our cognitive senses of - sight, smell, touch ,taste and hearing, in order to conserve our energy and flourish with our inherent talent to achieve our goal. Throughout the week in the morning assemblies, the students of Sundaram House explained - What is the cause of disturbances in one’s mind and how can one practice P18 in day to day life to calm these disturbances?

The well drafted video presentations and the talk shows in the creative assembly were live propositions to explain closely the best way to keep concentration and good result. The dance performance was a medium to suggest the audience the need to follow Vachnamrut Pratham 18 as it helps the students to keep away from distractions and negativity. The performances of this creative assembly were intended to convey a broader meaning of cognitive senses, a broader and better understanding about how positive perception through these senses play a foreseeable role in accelerating our pace towards our goal.

The talk show in the creative assembly was performed by Aman Gadia (as host) and Shubham Patel (as Dr. Arjav) who was portrayed as a renowned psychologist and he conveyed very well what P18 says about choices and decision making. All the students learnt the need to develop wisdom to discriminate between right and wrong choices. Everyone was made to understand how important it is to follow the Vivek of judicious use of our indriyas. The assembly was gracefully concluded by a mesmerizing dance performance by the junior students on the beats of Do aisa vardan Guruvar.

In the end the students repeated the message of Dr. Arjav –“Smart bano effective bano aur pratham 18 Jeevan bano

Written by:
Shubham Patel and Shubham Pansari (11th Commerce)

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