Sunday, April 3, 2011

The spell-binding success of World Spelling Day

They spelled it right!!!  “W-E-   A-R-E    W-I-N-N-E-R-S

Worldwide marathon of spellers on the screen, top global competition for spelling spelled success for AVM students. Battled neck to neck for several rounds until student contestants of Atmiya Vidya Mandir finally pulled out the win in the online world wide competition of spellings held on 2nd and 3rd March 2011. This competition offered one of the Internet's largest collections of quizzes for the students to create the spelling mania and charm to master the word list. The success and participation of World Spelling Day can be gauged from the fact that AVM students have participated in Spell Bee competitions at school and state level previously.

But it’s not all about the competition, as the English department of Atmiya Vidya Mandir believes in inculcating a competitive spirit amongst the students to employ their learning efficiency at their level best. Students not only made sincere efforts to secure the first position but also enjoyed the game finding it an amazing experience to practice a fine combination of listening, identifying the word and typing the correct spelling rather fast.

The tiny tots participated too, the junior kids tugged at the mouse, shifted anxiously in their chairs, looked carefully on the computer screen, when searching for the right letters, and some even took a moment to use their fingers to feign (that was a contest word too) tracing the letters on their key board. All the while, English teachers on duty, attentively and proudly observed them.

Talking about the crowning glory of Dickinson team consisting of the participants from Std X and XI , “they have spear-headed the bee” said Paras Sir for Sahishnu, Ghanshyam Dabhi and Samyak Varia who were major players in heading the race of being at the top.  “Spellers tackled tough words on way to final win and it’s all Swamiji’s blessings” added Chirag Sir, who toiled hard and supported the students invariably to lead the contest. Getting the right spelling wouldn’t be important enough to warrant competition which was fought tooth and nail among thousands of participants across the world. “Spelling Bee contests not only contribute to hone our student’s listening skills and vocabulary but also train them to unscramble the scribbled web of letters” said an overwhelmed English teacher Renuka Mam.
It was an anxious wait from the moment when they finished their last game on Thursday (3rd March 2011) afternoon until the competition closed on Friday morning, with teachers and students waiting with baited breath as the timer counted down the final seconds. When it was finally certain that we had secured amazing and incredible positions over the participants of various age group, the sound that came from the computer labs can only be described euphoric.
The competition lasted for 48 hours, and included competitors from all age group who are in grades 1 through 12. It took ten rounds to arrive at a champion. The first round took almost two hours to whittle down over 100 contestants to 35 for the second round. Almost more than 2000 words were spelled - or misspelled - during the competition. But finally, much assured by Swamiji’s presence in the campus and His blessings the AVM spellers created histoy.

Here is the hall of fame:

Group Ranks

Individual Ranks

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