Sunday, April 17, 2011

AVM Turned into a Fantasy Land!

Powerful, invigorating and enduring learning experience seldom takes place without getting out of one's comfort zone. Considering this the need of the time, the post exam phase was all set to give a different experience to the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir strengthening their team work ability and coordination.

The three day adventure camp in the school proved to be an exciting and a unique learning opportunity for the kids to indulge in education, fun and adventure while further developing their personality. This adventurous camp was organized hiring expertise from Edufit Company which is well-known to conduct various adventure activities under the supervision of experts and professionals.

Fun, frolic and a lot of excitement coupled with ascending daring level among the students to drive away the phobia for many risky yet thrilling tasks. Students of Std VI to X were relishing their leisure in an adventurous way by taking part in rock climbing, river crossing, net crawling, pitching tents, body balancing, Commando net and many other dares.

Enjoying the activities after finishing their exams, this camp also helped the students to test their physical abilities to cope with adverse situation as it emphasized the need of being fit and active all the time.

Leveraging on this extensive experience, this adventurous carnival put forth many exhilarating activities (for the students) which were organized under the supervision of experts and were meant to provide great adrenaline rush to the participants. These activities were organized in compliance with the different age groups amongst students.

These Group Activities proved to be great for educating students about team work and build up trust upon the other members of the team. These activities were also apt for enjoying a feeling of togetherness with peers, teachers and house masters. Students tried throughout the camping time to update their managerial skill smeared with a gala and fun-filled time of their lives.

The centre of the attraction was the Zipline activity. This consists of ropes tied at two ends and a glider that goes from one end to another. It provides a feeling of flying to the rider, who is harnessed to the glide with the help of sturdy and safe equipment. Another activity was climbing the Alpine Towers that comprised of a 50 foot high structure (set up along the new school building). The contraption consists of platforms, logs, nets and suspended ropes. The students were to utilize varied challenging pathways up to the platform at the top.

The camp was intended to provide basic activities such as keep checklist, building tents, camping preparation, safety tips and some frequently asked queries regarding camping and above all managing in odd and unfavourable situations and preparing oneself to embrace the hardships and challenges with confidence. On the last day, a snake-show was organized where the snake charmer was called in to make the students aware about myths and facts about snake bite.

Thus the school designed a safe environment in natural settings where experimentation and exploration was encouraged and there were no failures but only mistakes to learn from.

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