Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teachers! its just not a Day

A day that is dedicated to the inspirers bridging possibilities and achievements! A day which is outcome of the unique glory of relationship bountiful and submerged with unbeatable affection! A day being celebrated for those who align the inherent talent in making dreams and desires real! A day for re-defining feelings for teachers.

Driven by pristine emotions and affection for their teachers, students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir acquired event management skills overnight. The event was Teacher’s day celebration and students gave their sweat and soul to host a memorable evening for their Teachers, House masters, Didis and other members of the school. Dressed up in elegant and formal wears, students took up the roles of perfects hosts, in keeping with the school theme quite sensibly.

It was much beyond the imagination to find the students putting their earnest efforts to reciprocate the love and affection of teachers. A memorable programme was organized to honor teachers in fullest with most powerful expression. Bestowing it with dignity and enriching it with a deeper sense of respect, they welcomed the teachers by doing poojan and showering flowers on them.

Nothing happens beyond the reach of almighty, having been well instilled with this belief, they began the programme by inviting the elders of the school management to do the poojan of Thakorji .

The gusty and feisty show holders Mantvya Patel and Bhadra Parekh were right at the nook much like well trained professional hosts with their witty remarks, humorous expressions and some glimpses of poetic flourishes for their beloved teachers. They were able to maintain an enticing blend of devious humour and warmth of extreme regard and fondness for the guests of the show.

Joyous mood swept across the venue of the programme, as the fire of this noteworthy evening was set by the first performance of solo singing by Karan Bhakta singing a touching song "Tumse Hi". This track just arrested the attention of the audience off their feet as he attempted some artistic brilliance. Karan sang wholeheartedly to showcase his soulful voice with supporting phenomenal music projecting an influential symphony. To ultimately take the audience by storm, there were dancers (Love Patel, Harshit Agrawal, Umang Mistry, Suraj Yadav, Krushan Patel, Vaishvik Maisurya, Vaishvik Patel) doing a jig in the backdrop giving a mesmerizing performance. The budding choreographers Piyush Sarda and Harsh Ambalia took initiative to add this concept of backdrop dancing with an effort to do something special for their pioneers (teachers). This special appearance of this heart- to -heart act created an evening that can never be forgotten.

Characteristically making the show intimate enough, the hosts, Bhadra and Mantavya left no chance to convey their message to their beloved teachers and to do the same, with enticing queries, they moved around the audience asking the jubilant students to say a few words about their favourite teachers. It was prominently a heart touching approach, depicting an idea of respecting teachers. Truly ensconced itself in the statements as some of them expressed meaning of a teacher which goes beyond the dictionary limit. Announcing their favourite teachers amicably even with some heart-touching reference students were able to ferrets out admiration for their teachers. Abhishek from XI Sci and Manav from X Std stated “Our teachers help us to make choices more empowered with values”. A senior student stated his feeling for his teacher “Right from pre-primary ,we have been benefited by our teachers who have gone beyond their call of duty, to mould us into better human beings, first and foremost, and then to instil in us a sense of purpose for life.

This was followed by the groundbreaking dance performance by IX and X Std students (Harsh Ambalia, Smeet Bhatt, Deval Patel, Mishal Kansara, Vinay Rathi, Siddharth Shah, Akshay Patel) ‘Everything will be alright’ - something that was widely requested by the loyal fans of these ‘smashing dancers’ who displayed scintillating performances. These students offered an unmatched diversity of styles, making for a fast-paced, electrifying one-of-a-kind performance that never ceased to surprise the teachers. They were able to take up all contemporary style, while the music spans the breadth and depth of all that’s possible. Every dancer added his unique move like somersaults and free falls which were particularly noteworthy and must surely have momentarily provided the performers with a completely new angle of felicitating or honouring teachers. These dancers of the budding choreographer Siddharth Shah (XI Science) who channelized their energy and enthusiasm which was executed at a high magnitude that teachers were fully impressed with. All the sequences and moves were blended harmoniously with the beat of the music.

With the perfect decorum of the surroundings of prayer hall, teachers couldn’t escape the charm of the evening. The hosts left no chance to make the audience giggling away with some witty remarks.

Saturated in convincing scenes of teacher-student bonding, the next appealing presentation was a small skit (Conceptualized by Saumya Madam and directed by Pravartak Sir and Tarun Sir and performed by Sarveshvar, Rushi, Akshat, Harsh, Ashish, Raj, Ronak and Kishan Viradia). It illustrated inherent events and moments of teacher-student tie, hard to untangle, sort of Tom and Jerry bond. The characters were at ease posing and preening to get under the skin of the roles. The stage had a dramatic tint with a backdrop sound- effect of a moving train. The music had crystal clear dramatic effects. Characters enacted and rocked the stage with a spoof which had a preaching climax with a message of unparalleled patience and understanding - a teacher possesses.

The sustenance of education was palpable in the conduct of these students who left no effort to make the show grand. Teachers were spell bound and overwhelmed and remained glued to their seats throughout the programme.

Captured in leisurely yet with convincing grace, once again it was the time for the hosts to be among the audience to know more about what they think for their teachers. Het Adhvaryu (VIII A) said “My teacher helps me to get ready to become more intimate with myself and my world.” Another student offers a similar appreciation: "My teacher is always kind and makes me feel so at ease whenever I go to him with questions."

Speaking on the occasion, the Principal Swayam Madam extended her thanks to the teachers and students. She also appreciated the students for their intense, passionate and vibrant performances showcasing their sheer creativity and sublime joy to perform for their teachers.

On this day , students expressed their indebtedness by presenting greeting cards to all the teachers individually having their qualities printed on it, Students got an opportunity to exhibit their privilege to be taught and guided by such teachers but the arrangements of this wonderful evening force the teachers to be proud of them.

The most charming and impressive part of this evening was the sumptuous candle light dinner being served by 11th Std students with warmth and regards. This event also proved a spectacular display of adoration and split-second precision with which each student went through his paces reflecting the caring attitude they have acquired so far. This, too, was an event of considerable merit earning the acclaim of all the teachers and staff members who beheld it. The teachers were at relish seeing their efforts turning their students into perfect hosts and event managers.

Finally, after witnessing these touching outpourings, it is inevitable to say that students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are growing with sixth sense.

Written by: Seema Madam


Tarun Pandya said...

It was really a very humbling experience :)

Manish said...

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." William Arthur.

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