Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I, We and India

India is our pride and we are proud to be Indian!
Considering this line as the foundation of our being, Shivam House celebrated the week with the value -Patriotism. The value - Patriotism was cherished in three levels i.e. Personal, Social and National.

The Personal level Patriotism was elaborated through Soft Board decoration.
‘Ocean is a collective form of an individual drop’.
 With this analogy, every drop represents ocean. Similarly, every individual of India represents India. Being a part of great nation - India, everyone feels himself responsible for anything happening around and thus binds himself with the feeling of Team India. To experience this message, the soft board had logos of different organizations, which conveyed some inspiring messages or represented some values in life that contributed to the development of India as a whole. We also had accidental discoveries section. The students researched on the topics and came up with many interesting details, which gave India a new pathway to attain sophisticated technology.

The Social level Patriotism was elaborated through audio-visual tools in daily assembly.
Every human is a social animal and thus being loyal and sincere to his society is one of the most important aspects of patriotism. Making India proud of being a united nation with so many diversities, the importance of every state of India was narrated in daily assembly. Students were also encouraged to become good social humans by making the judicious use of resources, scoring high grades by studying sincerely, leading the mass by being proactive and many more such messages were conveyed in daily assembly with the help of audio visual tools. Everyday a presentation was projected to impart the values of Patriotism in daily life. To enhance the social domain of the students, social well-being and life skills were experienced through stage decoration.

The National level Patriotism was elaborated through the presentation and stage performance in creative assembly.
In order to pay a tribute to the freedom fighters our Nation, creative assembly of Shivam House was designed with the small skit having a combination of dance and drama depicting the life and sacrifice of freedom fighters from Mangal Pandey to Mahatma Gandhi. The Junior group students were dressed up such that they represented all the national symbols of India. They walked up one by one and conveyed the meaning and importance of all the national symbols of India. The importance and significance of National Flag and National Anthem were addressed to by the students.

The success of the week is not all the things mentioned above, it was just an exposure to the students but the real success is that students themselves got involved in all the activities starting from the preparation to the last presentation. The ultimate idea, of celebrating the week, acquired its meaningful shape when boys were in tears while watching the play on freedom fighters.

Let us be United, let us be Atmiya and let India flourish with all it has.

Written by: Chirag Sir

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