Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Pulse of Excitement and Entertainment at Chhab Chhaba Chhab!

The humdrum routine was at its defiance and the sunny sweaty day was ridiculed by students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir as they were sliding, surfing and swimming at a well-known water park near Surat -  ‘Chhab Chhaba Chhab’. It was picnic time!

The 17th of July Saturday morning was flavored with zesty fervor as students from I to XI aloud with teachers and hostel staff moved to beat the heat at a nearby water park. It was a refreshing outing as all the students were at aquatic adventure.

As soon as the buses reached the water park the teachers and house masters were more like a shepherd holding their respective group and Students were bubbling out with excitement to take a dip. Soon all of them swarmed in towards the array of water rides rolling in their swimming costume. The tiny tots were there in an interactive water play having adventure combined with lots of physical activities along with their Didis and teachers who were at a role play of pool- guard. There were multi-level platforms, water effects, water games, a large tipping bucket and many other surprises to delight.

The taller and hardy souls were all set to put the pulse at its race when they took a super loop ride. Some of them were munching their excitement at Aqua Glide, Aqua Trail, Crazy Cruise, and Zip Zap Loom - the water slides, while some children preferred to feel the experience of skimming through the thin waters of a sheet and enjoy the slide as they safely landed into the water. The senior boys along with the teachers and house masters enjoyed some amazing in swirls making it a rarest roller coaster. They splashed and plunged and surfed and swam but did not stop till the hoot of the siren from the manager reminded them of their shrinking belly. It was time to relish at the delicious food.

After the scrumptious bites, the students were back to the water slides having their energy and spirit high and at its peak. The sloppy and slippery rides were highly commanding to those Happy-Go-Lucky fellows to take an aqua-Shake. The Centre of attraction was the wave pool which was a perfect hallucination of sea-waves. Finally at the end, the exhausted yet merrier, students were to grab their seat in the bus to get back to the home away home and get ready with yet another exciting week ahead.

Written by: Seema Madam


nishit said...

this piece of writing is excellent.
it helps our vocabulary a lot. Superb, stupendous, fabulous, amazing

sachin said...

Wery good vocabulary.
Makes u excited to read it

Vishesh said...

Mam, what a piece of writing. Stupendous, fabulous, fantastical.
Kya baat!!
Kya baat!!
Kya baat!!!!!!!!
It was just amazing. We all enjoyed reading it. It helped us to improve our vocabulary as there were so many new words for us to know, study and implement in our life.
It was just marvelous!!!!!!!

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It was fabulous , excelent and superb.