Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Tradition of Initiatives

The basic philosophy of education at Atmiya Vidya Mandir is to develop the innate critical and creative thinking capabilities of children. All the children are born with a unique talent. The child should be given his own space to explore, adapt and flourish through learning and experiencing variety of things. Teaching at Atmiya Vidya Mandir is aimed at holistic development of a child; we truly believe that creativity is not an inherent skill or only for those with a talent for it; it could be successfully taught to and used by people of any age, walk of life or cultural background.

We need to start looking at our children 10 years from now and help them develop skills that they can use then. We provide resources, recognition, and ample of opportunities to our students, their parents and teachers for the development of the students’ optimal educational potential. We empower the teachers and learners with a new set of skills to read critically, think and reason logically and solve complex problems. We provide the children hands on experience through well equipped math lab, science labs and computer labs. We also have resourceful language and social science labs. We also organize frequent competitions like debates, quizzes etc school wide. To validate from a third party that has done extensive research in the field of education and to know if the school is on the right track developing skills, encouraging thinking, questioning, analysis and higher order thinking, we also encourage our students to participate in national competitions like Spelling Bee, ASSET, International Olympiad etc. Our efforts have also have been recognized by ASSET and are featured in their 2010 brochure which is attached with this post. Thus the students of Atmiya Vidya Mandir are thus exposed to a larger environment and assess their abilities in relation to their counterparts in other places of the world.

The link to the brochure is given below:

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