Monday, June 8, 2015

IMPORTANT NOTICE: About school website and blog updates

Dear Readers,

It is with great joy that we announce the going live of the new website for our school Atmiya Vidya Mandir:

Please note that from now on, you shall be able to get school related updates and news by visiting so kindly update your bookmarks accordingly. You can also remain up to date with various happenings at the school by following us on twitter: @AVMupdates

We are looking forward to continue working on the new school website, so do keep an eye on at your convenience.

Thank you all very much for your readership and we hope you continue with it via the new site mentioned above.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Std 12 Results: Setting A New Benchmark

Param Pujya Swamishree visited AVM on 12th December 2014 to meet with all and invited all to the Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav 2015. During that visit, He had blessed the students and staff and told the senior class “તમે મહેનત કરતાં રહેજો, હું તમારી સાથેજ છું”. That helped gain momentum in the already intense preparations undertaken by the students of class 12.

The new year then brought them some amazing blessings, again from Swamishree and also from revered saints from all over India! The Atmiya Yuva Mahotsav was quite literally and essentially a unique start of the year, in the midst of their preparation. The entire 3 days experience of the event further fuelled their faith and motivation and helped them cross their physical and mental limitations even further!

The first part of their journey ended with the end of their CBSE board exams at the end of March/early April. Their journey of course continued thereafter in terms of their preparation for the various entrance exams.

The CBSE published Std 12 results on 25th May 2015. And it quite blatantly revealed the fact that these students had taken Swamishree’s words to heart! It is with great pride in our students and gratitude towards Swamishree that we announce the results of these wonderful individuals.

Out of the total 39 students that appeared for these exams (Science and Commerce combined):
  • 6 students scored 95% or above
  • 10 students scored between 90 & 95%
  • 18 students scored between 80 & 90%
  • 4 students scored between 70 & 80%
  • 1 student scored 68.8%

Commerce Class Average: 87%

Science Class Average: 87.2%
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the students for setting an unprecedented benchmark (which seems to have become a trend over the past 4 years!).

Our congratulations also to the parents and all those individuals involved in this arduous and yet, a memorable journey undertaken with a lot of faith in God!

Monday, April 20, 2015

UDAAN 2015: a hearty farewell to our dearest students

Just few years back…… they arrived with their tiny step to make it a giant leap 

Just back in this past…..they framed their vision to extend their abilities 

Just yesterday…..they flapped their wings and set their eyes on the sky 

Just before this time… they attuned their mind, body and soul, to aim high

……and now…Fluttering with hope, elevated with flair, lifted light by blessings they are all ready to take their first flight..UDAAN…soaring new heights.

Time goes so fast, it’s hard to believe our dearest members of AVM family - students of class XII 2015 reached at the threshold of the school and were all set to bid their alma mater good-bye. Their farewell function was marked with much grandeur and magnificence as we hosted a grand party at the school’s Prarthana Hall on 19th April 2015. Our students of class XI welcomed their seniors with much gusto as they arrived along with their family members to attend this farewell function. The elegantly decorated stage with a big screen at the backdrop and banquet style sitting arrangement was adding much grace to the venue. 

An artistically created replica of an aircraft, affectionately named as AVM Airlines, was the centre of attraction. Its interior enabled our students and their family members to take a tour of the fond memories of these students of their bringing up in AVM family.

Since our class XII students were embarking on a new journey, quite perfectly complementing the nomenclature - ‘Udaan’, the witty hosts of the program - Jaybhai Baria and Sumitbhai Choudhary took up the role of zestful piolets giving the audience a feel of this pulsating journey. Hence, much amusingly, the program started with an announcement for the audience to tie their seatbelts to witness the ‘Udaan’, the high altitude entertainment package of next two hours. For the ceremonial beginning, students were called for the poojan of Thakorji. After that, a video clip of Param Pujya Swamiji was played in which Swamiji blessed the students for their bright future and also reminded them to be ‘dharmik’, to keep company of good friends and to remain committed, caring and polite to their parents.

The hosts of the program, the comical duo Sumitbhai and Jaybhai breathed life into the evening with their chirpy and cheery talks. They created sheer magic as they fabulously presented on a big screen, the adorable glimpses of all students of this departing batch. Dressed in finest of their attires, these students were called on the stage in groups to be felicitated with a gift hamper containing souvenir and memento from the school.

There was a lot to say to these students whom we watched growing up year by year and now parting from us to start a new journey. So the choir from class XI, conveyed our love and best wishes to these students through a melodious song 'Baate ye kabhi na tu bhulna'… There was yet another musical tribute to our dear students by the mime artists from class XI. Soon the tempo set in as the light and refined music filled the air, the audience was spell-bound to find mime artists moving table to table and presenting a rose to our departing students. Expressing an emotional bond of these departing students with AVM, they moved in rhythm, gracefully, with every step in sync with each other on the music and lyrics ‘Jo tu mera hamdard hai’. This captivating mime dance performance was as spectacular to the eyes as the song was an aural treat.

There after Sachinbhai Verlekar, our former head boy, extended heartfelt gratitude to AVM on behalf of the entire batch. It was followed by a speech by respected Vijay Sir, our school principal. Vijay Sir requested the parents to keep faith in these young aspirants as they are blessed to excel in whichever field they go. At last, Pujya Fuvaji, in his speech reaffirmed that nurturing at AVM has made these students entitled to be spiritual, prudent and successful in their coming years.

Afterwards, inviting the guests to a sumptuous dinner, the charismatic, chatty, witty hosts Jaybhai and Sumitbhai brought the curtains down on this ceremony.

Go….the future lies before you with an open sky 

Be firm on roots, remain attached as you fly high

For someone is watching….someone is caring…someone is blessing you for this ‘Udaan’.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Param Pujya Swamiji’s arrival at AVM

Though the onset of spring season in February month marked the parting of winter but lives at AVM campus still lacked a certain force, trees never wore the shroud of greenery, the flowers delayed their spring cheers as if stillness engulfed the whole campus and the devoted souls prayed with eager eyes …. until He came! His Divine Holiness Param Pujya Swamiji.

On the 7th day of April 2015, Swamishree’s arrival enlivened everything around. As if the entire campus had restored freshness - the trees turned jade green and the leaves and flowers of various colours danced in the vernal wind and the students, the teachers resumed sprightliness. There was an unusual verve of happiness and joy all around in the school campus. Radiance and splendour emitted by His divine aura illuminated the weary souls and the elated hearts filled with vitality. No matter how busy and hectic Swamiji’s schedule is, He arrives time to time to bless the AVM family and reinvigorate our spirits. "As and when the wick of enthusiasm burns low, comes ‘He’ yet once again to rekindle our spirits with His Torch of Love and Truth".

The blessed and most awaited moment arrived when Swamiji wished to hold a Sabha and bless the students and teachers with His golden words. Sabha started with a melodious devotional bhajan sung by students of grades 7 and 8. The senior students of class XII were called on the stage to receive Swamiji’s blessings personally. After toiling tooth and nail for board exams and having sheer anticipation of good result, this moment with Swamiji was summum bonum for them. Swamiji listened to the prayers of each and every one of them and counselled them by showering all His grace and blessings on them. As one comes nearer to Him, it seems that He is but a fountain from which there is a continuous emanation of rays of love, soothing every soul that approaches.

Everybody listened with great eagerness and attention as Swamiji addressed the Sabha and spoke His golden words. Swamishree advised the students and teachers to brush aside the laziness and prepare earnestly for hard work. Thereafter, by giving examples from history, Swamiji explained us that most essential condition of a happy life is to be God-loving and religious. Swamiji reminded us quite affectionately that nothing is impossible for us if we believe that God is our eternal father and a god realized saint is like a loving mother. Swamiji affirmed that there are three monsters which reside within all of us: ego, jealousy and obstinacy and at any cost we should get rid of them - this is the only way to be eligible to receive the ever flowing grace of the Supreme. He further added that personal association with saints helps to destroy delusion. As the students listened to Him with much devotion, Swamiji gave them the golden sutra which is a condition to keep good friends who are religious and who have integrity of character. Everyone in the Sabha had His darshan with folded hands and devoted hearts until Swamishree left the prayer hall.

What better be the sublime sight for eager eyes?

What better be the euphonious voice for curious ears?

What better be the blissful touch for weary frames?

What better be the grand feast for craving souls?

What better be the enthralling scent for withered spirits….If Param Pujya Swamiji arrives to bless us all.